Sarah Malone  Slip cast, thrown and hand built ceramics

Sally Raven Wood fired ceramics

Dan Stafford Hand-built architectural ceramics.

James Oughtibridge Ceramic Sculpture.

Lisa Ellul Ceramics Ellul Ceramics produces sculptural vessels and bowls, tiles
and framed artworks.

Mark Griffiths Wood Fired Pottery.

Adam Buick Ceramics Adam Buick is a ceramic artist based in St.Davids on the west coast
of Wales. He works primarily on large-scale ceramics for landscapes, gardens
and interiors.

Beverley Gee Hand thrown decorative porcelain

Rebecca Callis Contemporary porcelain tableware

Andrew Palin Andrew’s work consists of volcanic glazes applied over thrown stoneware
vessels fired under oxidising conditions.

Hannah McAndrew Hand thrown and individually slip decorated functional pots.

Joseph Morgan Contemporary soda fired ceramics